About NjordIC USA

NjordIC USA is the go to “high end” specialised USA-based consultancy company for all UXO related challenges (in the marine environment.)

In our work we apply our thorough market sector insights, our extensive civil engineering experience and our consultancy, risk management and EOD-management services to work in close collaboration with our cients to ensure a safe and cost effective realisation of their (maritime) projects with regards to UXO risk mitigation.



God in the Norse mythology

Gentle god of the wind and
the fertile coastal area

Calms the sea and waves

Protects the seafarers,
Helps ships in trouble en brings luck



International consultants

Intensive Care:  we relieve the customer by
giving maximum attention!
You are our top priority!


Why NjordIC USA?

Because we believe UXO clearance and disposal operations can be managed in a more efficient, transparent, innovative and qualitative manner.

State of the art and a thorough historical research and risk assessment result in a firm foundation for the definition of a tailor-made UXO mitigation strategy. Tender assistance will ensure a contractor is selected offering best value for money. Eventually EOD-management and client representation will guarantee the operations are performed according to the projects requirements and will result in ALARP sign-off.

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